Whether you’re a real estate investor or a board member in a Homeowner’s Association, you have a lot of choices when it comes to professional Oakland property management. As the founder of Vision Property Management, I wanted to explain why you should consider our team. We provide a few distinct differences in the services we provide, and we want to help you have a successful investment and management experience.

Vision Property Management Offers Location and Accessibility

One of the reasons a lot of our clients decided to work with Vision is because we are local. This allows us to keep up with the trends in the local rental and real estate market, and we can use our experience to help you earn more on your investment property. In addition to our local market experience and presence, we also have an open door policy. Any new owners, tenants, or HOA board members can stop by and say hi. You can ask questions or share concerns.

We are very hands-on when it comes to managing your investment and your community association, and we believe the best way to manage your property is by being present. You won’t find us working or hiding behind a desk somewhere in another country. Our presence in the local community and our hands-on approach are important parts of our company culture. We are available and responsive, whether you have a simple question or you’d like to schedule a meeting. Sometimes, we can even take a walk-in client and resolve your issue on the same day. We make an effort to meet your needs.

Routine and Emergency Maintenance

Maintenance is a big part of taking care of your investment. We have 35 maintenance technicians who are able to respond to issues involving plumbing, mechanical work, electrical work, and HVAC units. They are always available and come with great reviews. Responding to maintenance issues is one of the most important roles of a property management company. Tenants are paying rent, and they want work completed right away. If there’s an emergency, having a high-quality, in-house maintenance staff can save both time and money.

Experience and Expertise at Vision Property Management

Experience and Expertise at Vision Property ManagementTogether, our team at Vision has over 40 years of experience in property management. Vision was started because I felt investors and HOA clients deserved high-quality service. I put together a strong team a few years ago and decided to bring a new service, fresh mentality, and caring, hands-on service to the local property management industry. Clients want follow-up, returned phone calls, and easy communication. That’s exactly what we do, and we’re committed to serving our clients and tenants.

If you have any questions about who we are and what we do, please let us know. We’d love to have you contact us at Vision Property Management. Our fantastic team is ready to meet you and answer any questions that you have, and we know we can be your best resource when it comes to property management and HOA management.

Vision Property Management
Vision Property Management offers unparalleled Property Management in Oakland, East Bay, and the Bay Area

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