At Vision Property Management, we believe that it’s always a good time to hire an Oakland property management company. As most investors and landlords will tell you, good property management results in a better rental experience for all parties. It also delivers more income and fewer expenses and headaches.

If you’re managing on your own or you think you want to do it yourself, we’re happy to provide you with resources and advice. However, there are a few indications that it’s time to hire a professional. We’re sharing those with you today.

Hire an Oakland Property Manager When Your Portfolio Grows

Managing one property on your own is often possible, but when the number of your real estate investments begins to increase, it’s time to hire a professional. This is going to help you manage your time better and provide a more cost-effective approach to maintenance, tenant retention, and leasing details like marketing and screening. When you’re growing your portfolio, you need to spend your time identifying new opportunities and negotiating deals. Let your property manager handle the late night phone calls and tenant disputes.

Hire an Oakland Property Manager When You Have Vacancies

If you cannot seem to keep your property occupied, you can benefit from the help of a professional property manager. Perhaps you’re not attracting tenants because the price is too high or the condition of your home is not competitive with other properties on the market. A property manager can help you with marketing, tenant screening, and tenant retention. Don’t waste time and lose money on extended vacancies. Get the help you need.

Hire an Oakland Property Manager When You Have Problem Tenants

When your tenants aren’t paying rent on time and you’re noticing a lot of lease violations, it’s time to call a professional management company. The eviction process in California can be complicated, and you want to protect yourself against tenant claims and lawsuits. When your tenant isn’t responding to notices or communication, get a property manager to help you. This is also advantageous to landlords who have become too emotionally involved with their tenants. If you are afraid of enforcing your lease or you don’t know how to hold your tenants accountable, you need a professional who can do these things for you.

Hire an Oakland Property Manager When You Want Better ROI

Hire an Oakland Property Manager When You Want Better ROIFinally, if you’re not earning as much as you’d like on your investment property, a manager can help. Property managers understand the market, the tenants, and the current industry trends. Perhaps you need to make some updates so you can attract better tenants and earn more rent. Or, you need to do a better job of responding to maintenance issues so your tenants will stay longer. Professional property managers can help you restructure your financing, charge additional fees to bring in more income, and work on investment strategies like 1031 Exchanges in order to help you have a better and more profitable investment experience. We can keep your maintenance costs down and do a better job of preserving the condition and value of your property.

It’s always a good time to consider professional property management. Contact us at Vision Property Management, and we’ll explain how we can help.

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