A good Oakland HOA management company will facilitate all of the daily operations of your community association, and if things are not being done the way you expected, you should consider finding new management. Often, a simple conversation can help everyone reset their understanding of responsibilities and requirements, but if you’re not getting anywhere with your HOA manager despite frequent conversations and explanations, you need to find a company that better fits your needs and your community.

Today, we’re talking about 5 signs that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re experiencing any of these things, start looking for better HOA management.

Poor Communication from HOA Management

You need to know your HOA management company is available, accessible, and responsive. When you can’t get in touch with your manager and questions are left unanswered, it’s frustrating and difficult to move forward with decisions and resolutions. Without communication, it’s impossible to establish and maintain a good relationship with your HOA manager. When phone calls and emails aren’t answered, you need to find a manager that takes your needs more seriously.

Lack of Follow Up

Boards need to know they can rely on their HOA management company to take care of necessary projects. Perhaps the landscaping has faltered or the painting projects are unfinished. If there’s no follow-up on action items from board meetings, you may be wondering why you have an HOA management company at all. If you cannot rely on your managers, it’s hard to trust that they will do what they say they’ll do.

Compliance Issues Aren’t Addressed

One of the reasons to hire an HOA management company is to have a professional and unbiased party monitoring compliance and addressing violations. Most HOA boards are made up of volunteers, and it’s often unpleasant to approach your neighbors with a list of their violations. Your HOA manager should do that for you. If you notice that there are several problems with community residents violating the rules, regulations, and bylaws without any action from your property management company, you need to find a team of managers who is more proactive and willing to keep your entire community in compliance.

Lack of Financial Reporting Transparency

Your HOA management company likely takes care of all your bookkeeping and accounting, including budgets and bank accounts, the collection of fees, and the vendor payments. Your board should have access to financial reports and accounting statements. A lack of transparency when it comes to your financials is a huge red flag and a very good reason to find a new management company.

Poor Homeowner Customer Service

Poor Homeowner Customer ServiceWhen the homeowners in your association are complaining about the property management company, you should take that feedback seriously. A good management company has a customer service ethic that helps both boards and homeowners have a better residential experience. When you begin to receive regular and credible complaints, you need new management.

These are just five of the most common reasons that HOA boards find new management. If you’d like to talk about how to change management companies or you’re interested in our outstanding services, please contact us at Vision Property Management. We’d love to tell you more about how we can help your community association.

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